Before moving to Damascus to study at the Higher Institute of Music, Salah Ammo resided in the north of Syria, where Kurds, Arabs, Syrians, Armenians and Assyrians lived together for thousands of years. He was influenced by the diverse music of these people and gained experience in performing it himself. His ensemble Joussour (Bridges) is considered to be one of the most important bands presenting the music of these cultures. He has worked in various fields of music as a bouzouk player, composer and singer, as a teacher at the Music Academy in Homs, Syria, and has participated in music workshops and concerts throughout the Arab world and Europe. Salah Ammo has released three albums: Morning Breeze (2010) with his own compositions for bouzouk, voice and accompanying instruments, Places and Directions (2011) with his band Joussour, and Assi – A Story of a Syrian River (2014) with Austrian percussionist Peter Gabis.