2014 Boyne Music Festival

The Boyne Music Festival was incredibly grateful to have the support of so many businesses and individuals for the 2014 festival. We are particularly grateful to all those who made contributions via our Fund It campaign and also for the generous support of Create Louth. We would also like to thank The School of Philosophy and Economic Science who welcomed us so warmly to Townley Hall, as well as the countless volunteers who supported us with catering, accommodation and all kinds of other logistics. Without this support, the Boyne Music Festival simply would not be possible!



Elizabeth Bice
Clare Manning
Nicholas Trygstad
Peta Griffiths
Louise Kelleher
Emily Rummo
Mike Roberts
Chelsea Wald
Eiear McGeown
Brian Martin
Claire English
Katie Fitzpatrick
Aoife Manning
Charlie Moore


Susan Manoff
Tara Manning
Niall Kinsella
Rhea Powell
William McElheney
Brendan Kiernan
Melanie Henley Heyn
Eric Kelley
Joel Milliken
David Corkhill

Friends with Benefits 
Carmen Flores


Linda Watson
Antoin Boyd

In memory of Kieve Brenner
Maureen Brenner
Joe and Eileen English
Liam and Anne Manning
In memory of Willie Manning
Peter and Brenda O’Leary


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