Poetry Workshop: Anne-Marie Fyfe

'So Far From Home'

Writers have always probed the conflicting meanings of ‘home’ & the various physical, emotional & psychological spaces we inhabit through life. Emily Dickinson summed up the paradox in her line ‘Home is so far from home’. Few, whether exiled or settled in one chosen place, haven’t pondered, at some point, the complexities of the word ‘home’, in terms of location, living-space, nostalgia, liberation & loss.

Anne-Marie Fyfe’s workshop ‘So Far From Home’ will allow you to explore your own responses to and develop ideas creatively around the idea of home, inspired by selected examples and images from poetry, literature, and the visual arts. All of this will lead — through themed exercises & writing time — to new drafts of poems/prose and a chance to read back and discuss your works in a constructive feedback session.