Poetry Reading: Anne-Marie Fyfe

‘A House for Me’

Anne-Marie Fyfe’s latest poetry collection, House of Small Absences, features as cover-painting, A House for Me by Nicola Slattery, in which a child leaves a darkly brooding headland house carrying a doll’s-house, the childhood home in miniature: an image that responds to many of the collection’s concerns around the pull of home and the need for home, as well as the absence of home.

Since her first book, A House by the Sea, Anne-Marie Fyfe’s work has consistently explored what it is to live in a particular place, from her own first home on the Antrim Coast to the cities she’s lived in since, what it means to be ‘at home’, to leave home, to long for home… in poems that shift on occasion from the reassuringly home-like to the unheimlich, the ‘uncanny’, the familiar-rendered-strange. Her reading/performance A House for Me interweaves poems from across her five collections with excerpts from other writers and thinkers, all exploring the complex and subtle, tangible and almost intangible, many-faceted meanings of ‘house’ & ‘home’.

This reading will also feature performances by flutist Fiona Kelly and harpist Jean Kelly.

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